About Us

Our Company

A. Birla International s.r.o. an import and distribution house based in Prague, is a new player in the Czech distribution sector, hosting a vast variety of products under its umbrella. The products offered, range from a variety of ready to eat and ready to use food products as well as a collection of tea and other beverages, to various aromatherapy products as well as an extensive assortment of fine paper and paper for packaging.

Our supporting manufacturers and suppliers have been associated with the European and the American markets for many years. With their assistance and cooperation, we aim to establish a consistent flow of high-quality products, that are competent in European markets as well as other International markets

Our Management

Our Executive Directors, Mr. Atul Birla and Mr. Sanjay Mundra, are both, dynamic professionals with immense expertise and knowledge in their respective fields. Mr. Birla has over 30 years of experience in International trade with Food and Beverage products, Aromatherapy products, Fine Paper, Paper for Packaging and Recovered Paper, being his strongest sectors. His endeavors so far have led him to drive his trading house in India to being a substantial player in the South-East African, Middle East and Far East markets. Mr. Mundra has been involved in the hospitality sector for over 30 years and has formerly owned, developed, operated and brokered several large hotel projects in the United States.

Aided by their varied proficiencies and perspectives, they are now looking to explore new opportunities in the European market, under the banner of A. Birla International s.r.o.

Our Vision

Our company aims to bring to Europe, a varied mix of products, that include novelties as well as items that complement the existing goods in this market.

Our Mission

We endeavor to build a reputation of trust and reliability, through the efficient delivery of quality products that meet all international standards and guidelines, while working in harmony with the existing market players.